BR1 AMMEX Beard Covers 1000 Covers/Case
BR1 AMMEX Beard Covers 1000 Covers/Case

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BR1 AMMEX Beard Covers 1000 Covers/Case


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Are beards going out of style? It depends on whom you believe.

Whatever your feelings toward the hirsute look, the truth is that whiskers will likely always be with us—so AMMEX® Beard Covers will continue to play an important role for bearded men in multiple industries.

Made from spun polypropylene—a fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and strong—they are perfect for food preparation and processing, restaurants, baking, janitorial applications, and any other occupation that requires hair protection or containment. They can help keep grease, dust, dirt, and many particulates out of beards, as well as preventing stray hair from falling into places it shouldn’t, such as prepared food.

AMMEX Beard Covers are easy on, easy off, and designed for single use, with a comfortable elastic band that fits securely. They are non-linting, sold 100 per bag, 1,000 per case, and are one size fits most—the material expands to accommodate greater beard lengths and volumes. They are also latex-free, so no need to worry about aggravating latex sensitivities.

Whether facial hair is a passing fad or defines who you are, treat it right: Keep it (and your workspace) clean with AMMEX Beard Covers.

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