PCS-030-600V  Sprecher & Schuh SOFTSTR 30A 600V 100-240VAC
PCS-030-600V Sprecher & Schuh SOFTSTR 30A 600V 100-240VAC

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PCS-030-600V Sprecher & Schuh SOFTSTR 30A 600V 100-240VAC

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Three Phase Or Wye-Delta

All PCS Softstarters are designed to control either a standard 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor or a wye-delta motor (700HP @ 460V/900 HP @ 575V Y-D).

Self-Contained, Ready To Install

In one small package, PCS Controllers offer a built-in overload relay, a bypass contactor and a microprocessor controller that provides softstarting for most industrial applications. The standard Soft Start mode provides a smooth voltage ramp-up to full motor speed, while the Current Limit Starting mode limits inrush in high inertia applications. A Soft Stop feature ramps down high friction loads smoothly, eliminating sudden deceleration in these applications.

Many Convenient Features

PCS Softstarters are reliable and easy to use. Features include: 

  • Digital rotary switches for precise settings
  • LED indication of faults
  • Built-in, programmable electronic overload protection
  • Selectable trip current
  • Bypass contactors for increased life and heat reduction
  • Over temperature protection
  • Protection against phase reversal, phase imbalance, and single-phasing
  • Short and open load detection

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