PSLEEVE AMMEX Poly Sleeves 1000 Sleeves/Case
PSLEEVE AMMEX Poly Sleeves 1000 Sleeves/Case

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PSLEEVE AMMEX Poly Sleeves 1000 Sleeves/Case


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Nobody likes working with wet shirt sleeves. The solution? AMMEX® Poly Sleeves.

They provide lightweight protection for your arms and keep your shirt sleeves free from dust, dirt, and other contaminants, as well as keeping spray from giving you a soaking. Made of polyethylene, they have comfortable elastic bands at the wrist and elbow that help prevent debris from entering and liquid from running down your forearms.

They are suited for numerous uses, including food processing and service, painting, janitorial, and industrial applications.

AMMEX Poly Sleeves are latex-free and are sold 10 pieces per roll, 10 rolls per bag, and 10 bags per carton, in either white or blue. Blue is especially popular in food processing because of its high visibility. At 18 inches long, they are one size fits most.

Protect your arms—and your shirts—and stay drier longer with AMMEX Poly Sleeves

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