Smart LED High Bay Light with the First Sensor Pluggable Design

Posted by David B on 1/7/2020 to News

Worlds' First Senor Pluggable LED Highbay

The world's first patented designed module type plug and play sensor is here! Turn this highbay light into a smart LED highbay in just 3 seconds by simply just plugging in the sensor if you need it. When it comes to dim warehouses or factories, work can be more difficult, lower morale and even be more dangerous. At 145 watts this highbay will make sure your work area stays well lit while saving energy and money. This highbay is sleek, waterproof and dust free so it can be placed in the most hardworking places without any flaws allowing you to keep your building lit without issues.

Differences Between the Traditional Highbays & Smart LED Highbay

Differences listed above are some great reasons to switch to new smart LED highbay. These new smart LED highbays can be controlled through an app and there's no need for an electrician when you decided to add a sensor to it. Installing sensors in traditional highbays could take hours and cost thousands more due to the cost of every highbay having to be rewired. If you have any questions about upgrading to smart LED highbays please contact us!

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