Smart LED High Bay Light with the First Sensor Pluggable Design

Posted by David B on 1/7/2020 to News
World's First Senor Pluggable LED Highbay

Grow Your Crops Even Bigger for CHEAPER!

Posted by Power And Control Inc. on 4/3/2019 to News
In the past two years Southern Oregon and many other places have been hit hard by wildfires. These fires cause damage in many other ways than people are aware. Since Cannabis has been legal in Oregon since 2015 it has been a booming industry with farms popping up left and right. 

In Search of A GREAT Variable Speed Drive?

Posted by Power And Control Inc. on 2/14/2019 to News
<Strong>In Search of A GREAT Variable Speed Drive?<Strong>
The Teco L510-201-H1-U was designed with versatility in mind. 

The new Yaskawa GA800 Drive can Connect to Your Phone!

Posted by Power And Control Inc. on 2/6/2019 to News
   Looking for an effortless setup when it comes to Yaskawa drives? The GA800 Drive happens to be the ultimate combination of ease of use, performance, flexibility, power , and can be connected to you favorite mobile device! The Yaskawa GA800 provides exceptional torque production along with precise control and a high-resolution display . The GA800 Yaskawa drive covers all of your variable speed needs from, simple controls, advanced network communications , or functional safety.


What is SyMAX?

Posted by Power And Control Inc. on 1/23/2019 to News

“Sustainability” in a product such as SyMAX means much more than reduced energy cost.  Due to its lower operating temperature, reduced vibration and noise, and improved reliability, SyMAX provides significantly more benefits to the user.  Four major areas we’ll be talking about today are Energy Savings, Reliability and Longevity, Application Flexibility and Performance.

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