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Federal Pacific Transformers

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<strong> Federal Pacific Transformers <strong>
About Federal Pacific 

    Federal Pacific is a major manufacturer of dry-type transformers which serve the industrial, construction, commercial, mining, OEM and utility markets. The product scope is 50 VA through 10,000 kVA and 120 volts through 25,000 volts. The 600 volt class offering includes industrial control transformers, encapsulated/ compound-filled general purpose and buckboost transformers, ventilated designs for general purpose applications, electrostatically shielded transformers and a complete line of motor drive isolation transformers. The medium voltage offering includes core and coil transformers, general purpose designs, pad mount transformers, unit substation transformers, vacuum pressure impregnated transformers (VPI), and VPI/epoxy shielded transformers. K-Factor rated transformers are offered for the entire product scope.

Dry-Type Transformers 
    Federal Pacific is an industry leader in providing custom engineered dry-type transformers for low and medium voltage applications. Designs are available in a wide variety of types and ratings to provide reliable and versatile electrical distribution for lighting and power loads in industrial and commercial applications. Whether the application requires a dedicated use, engineered design or a commonly-used transformer with a simple voltage transformation for special equipment, Federal Pacific can design and build your transformer quickly and reliably. 

    Low Voltage 
    (600V) Specialty Transformers are available from 15kVA through 1000kVA in single-phase and from 15kVA through 2500kVA in three-phase. All standard primary and secondary voltage ratings are provided to match load requirements 
    to the distribution system. 

    Medium Voltage Transformers 
    Federal Pacific offers a full line of medium voltage transformers. Base styles and ratings are shown below. These transformers can be configured to meet most any application requirement. All medium voltage transformers are engineered-to-        order to the requested specifications. 

          High Voltage General Purpose Transformers 
          2.4kV to 15kV, 15kVA through 1500kVA 

          Unit Substation Transformers 
          2.4kV through 25kV, 15kVA through 10MVA 

          Pad-Mounted Transformers 
          2.4kV through 25kV, 15kVA through 10MVA 

The air-cooled, dry-type construction requires no special vault for installation. Units may be located in almost any indoor location convenient to the load being served. Most transformers are also available for outdoor installations. Maintenance requires only periodic inspection of cable connections and removal of any dust accumulation.

Insulation System

    Federal Pacific transformers utilize a 220°C insulation system that combines inorganic materials and resins to provide a fire resistant, high dielectric capability. All materials have been thoroughly tested and proven with respect to their stability at required operating temperatures. The major components of the 220°C system include Nomex® paper for conductor insulation plus resin-glass laminates, silicon rubber and polyester varnish. The combination of materials is specifically chosen to assure long operating life and quiet operations.

Industry Standards & Certifications 

    Federal Pacific dry-type transformers are UL® Listed and are designed, tested, and manufactured in accordance with applicable industry standards of ANSI, NEMA and IEEE.

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