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Did You Know Fans Can be Helpful in the Winter?

Posted by Power And Control Inc. on 12/5/2018 to News
<strong>Did You Know Fans Can be Helpful in the Winter?<strong>
    As we all know heat rises and most of the time heaters are located above the floor or in the ceiling to save space. Heat above your head can be as high as 35° warmer than where you are standing on the floor. Now think about all of that extra heat just going to waste, which also means your money is going to waste. But what if there was a way to save all of that heat and redistribute it? Well there is with MacroAir . MacroAir big fans help distribute heat throughout the space during those cold winters but running in reverse. Yes, you read that right, by running in reverse.

    MacroAir Fans' reverse function can heat up spaces by pushing warm air provided by the buildings' heating system upward and outward, forcing the hot air to distribute down the buildings' walls and evenly across the floor. Keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature. Now when you think about big, slow moving fans, think about the possibilities!

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