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Lighting the way for a Great Sports Game!

Posted by POWER AND CONTROL INC on 11/14/2018 to News
<strong>Lighting the way for a Great Sports Game!<strong>
When the sun starts to set, you need a great light to continue your activities. With several sizes (200W-1440W), this LED stadium light is sure to brighten the dark abyss that haunts you . These lights have a multitude of applications from stadium lighting, parking lot lighting, high-bay lighting, car dealerships, gymnasiums and many more, providing you with reliability and top performance. 

With a cold-forging heatsink, made of AL1070 Pure Aluminum which with the strongest heat conduction performance and thermal conductivity is 2.4 times of general die casting aluminum. When it comes to moisture this light has an air respirator that is equipped with superior water resistance performance. It has the ability to make the gas molecules capable of easily going through the micro-porous on the film , and then achieving breathing performance in order to finally keep the pressure and moisture balance. With an excellent IP rating of 66, these stadium lights are durable and protected against tough weather conditions without causing any damage to the bulb. 

Our 8 group fixture of 3030 Lumileds can reach up to 140lm/w which makes the whole light with 200,000lm. This is higher than most of the LED floodlights oin the market, not to mention those traditional lights!
10°/ 25°/45°/60°/90°nlens are provided for a wide application. The highest  quality Meanwell HLG drive is adopted to make the quality of life outstanding for this product.

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